Rev. Richard Thomson

Vicar’s Letter May 2018

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Rev. Richard Thomson

Rev. Richard Thomson

Dear Friends,

I am conscious that many of you will be getting into your gardens now as Summer approaches and plants and weeds really start to get growing!

There is a genus of plant called Mesembryanthemum.   These are small daisy –like plants that close at night and open in daytime.

The word was coined in 1684 and comes from the Greek word ‘mes-aim-bria’ meaning Midday, and ‘an-them-om’ meaning ‘flower’, because some of the earliest ones flowered at Midday.

When the angel tells Philip in Acts 8.26, to go to the South to the road which goes from Jerusalem to Gaza, the Greek word for the South is ‘mes-aim-brian’, same as our plant!

The connection is of course, that the sun at Midday is in the South.

It is at this time of the day, that Philip explains to the Ethiopian Eunuch, the prophesy of Isaiah of the suffering servant, who would be denied justice and who would be killed.

It is after hearing Philip’s witness concerning Jesus, that the eunuch asks to be baptised then and there, in a stretch of water.

Like the Mesembryanthemum, which opens its flowers at Midday, the Eunuch opened his heart to the Gospel when he felt the warmth of its message.

Is there something in that for those of us who find ourselves closed to God.

Perhaps like the Mesembryanthemum, we should consider opening our hearts and minds to the Gospel message, and letting the warmth of God’s love flood into our hearts.

With my best wishes,


Richard Thomson