Rev. Richard Thomson

Vicar’s Letter January 2018

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Rev. Richard Thomson

Rev. Richard Thomson

Dear Friends,

A new year, a new start. I wonder whether you have made any New Year resolutions this January.  And what they relate to, in your life.

I have a friend who regularly over-indulges at Christmas and needs no encouragement to lead others astray. He wakes up every January with a heavy head and he has a massive guilt trip.

Then he goes on the wagon for a month, to straighten himself out and alleviate his conscience.

He is not unlike those who get accused of hypocrisy for their practice of regular Confession. He is guilty, he says sorry, does his penance and then goes and does it again!

Well, I would never want to accuse anyone else of hypocrisy if they were genuinely penitent.  However, life should not be a merry go round, but a spiral upwards. There is always plenty to feel sorry about, but hopefully, not the same old sins. Yes, the same underneath sin – be it pride, cowardice, envy or whatever – but new manifestations.

Perhaps in reflecting on your resolution this year, I might encourage you to look at different manifestations of an old sin, rather than obsess over the obvious one, even if the head does hurt.

Best wishes for a happy New year,


Richard Thomson, Priest-in-Charge

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