Rev. Richard Thomson

Vicar’s Letter February 2018

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Rev. Richard Thomson

Rev. Richard Thomson

Dear Friends,

As we head into February we are looking straight into the face of Lent, which with an early Easter, begins on St. Valentine’s Day.

All those who did not go into the desert in January, might consider doing so in Lent.

We have this annual opportunity to gain our freedom over the cravings and desires of our bodies and minds.

As with any race or mountain climb, one eye must always be kept on the tape at the end, or the summit at the top.

We must remember that we are happiest when we are free, happiest when we are not controlled by addictions or cravings; nor when our wallet must always be emptied on an unnecessarily expensive lifestyle – and there is nothing left which we can give.

Having room in our hearts and pockets to give is a great joy, as most of us want to give to causes and people that matter to us.  We can use Lent as a time to free up that ability.

With my best wishes,


Richard Thomson, Priest-in-Charge

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