Rev. Richard Thomson

Vicar’s Letter – April 2018

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Rev. Richard Thomson

Rev. Richard Thomson

Dear Friends,

I was asked the other day to give a talk to a group of children about being a Vicar. And it made me realise that when I spoke about Ordination, and used Confirmation as an example of a service where a Bishop prays over you, no one knew what I was talking about.

It is a very sad fact that very few people come to me for Confirmation preparation any longer. It is as if no one wants their children to be brought up in the Church with its rituals and ceremonies. And yet we still get a steady stream of Christenings which shows that parents do want their children to have the right beginning, and that means a welcome in the church and a gathering for friends and family, even if the promise to bring the child up in the church does not always match the reality.

If anyone is reading this who is a teenager, can I remind you that Confirmation is a wonderful way to be affirmed as a young adult, even if adolescence is throwing you around a bit. The services in church remains firmly traditional, but we have a shortish monthly Saturday evening service at Leighterton which can end with a visit to the pub!

I should also add that Confirmation is not just for teenagers.  You can get confirmed at any age as long as you understand the beliefs of the church which I can teach you, if you do not know them.

So, please give it some thought, and if you wish, let me know that you would like to discuss the possibility, then we can have a talk about it.

With my best wishes,


Richard Thomson