Rev. Richard Thomson

Rev. Richard Thomson

Rev. Richard Thomson

Rev. Richard Thomson read Theology at Birmingham university between 1983 and 1986, before continuing with his theological studies for ministry at Ripon College, Cuddesdon from 1986 to 1988.

Having been ordained, Richard became the Assistant Curate  of the Moulsecoomb Team ministry between 1988 and 1990.

From 1990 until 1994, Richard was Priest-in-charge at St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Kirriemuir.

From Kirriemuir, he moved on to be Priest-in-Charge of Piddle Valley and Milborne St. Andrew with Dewlish between 1994 and 2002, before becoming Chaplain at Milton Abbey School for the decade between 2002 and 2012;

Richard arrived as Priest-in-Charge of The Badminton Benefice in 2012 where he has been ever since, looking after seven rural parishes and ten churches.

Richard is married with five children. His hobbies include Countryside pursuits, music, books, photography and wine.

His spiritual leanings are towards Franciscan spirituality and liberal catholic theology.


Mary Beresford

Mary Beresford

My calling was to Reader Ministry. A quiet moment whilst flower arranging, was when the desire to become a Reader passed through my mind.

I contacted the Cathedral Office and had a conversation with the Ministry Office. This resulted in a three year degree course which was based at Gloucester.

It was an inspiring time during which I gained a great deal. I did not want to move anywhere, as Gordon and I were settled here in Hawkesbury, also the Benefice had expanded and so it was agreed that I would be based here, working where needed throughout the Benefice.

Alongside my Services on a Sunday, I had a great wish to work with the School, Nursing Home and Playgroup.

I work alongside Reverend Thomson, sometimes working as a team, on other occasions on my own.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is creating and delivering ‘An Experience’: for example,  Experience Easter, Experience Christmas, Experience Remembrance, and I am working at present on Experience Love.

I feel I have been gifted for creating displays using materials, flowers and objects which are relevant to the theme, helping the Children to visualise. Alongside these displays I write the script which explains what the Experience is, and means.

Chris Andrew

Chris Andrew

I am married to Pam and have one daughter Amie. We celebrated our Silver Wedding anniversary in 2017.

My call to ministry began in 2002, when I saw a poster in a church porch advertising the ‘Bishops’ Certificate’ a two year theological course at Trinity College, Bristol which I completed in 2004. At the same time, I was also looking for a thriving children’s church for my daughter and joined the congregation at St Mary the Virgin, Tetbury in the Diocese of Gloucester. The same year, I was selected to train to become a Reader at WEMTC (West of England Ministerial Training Course) for three years. In 2006, I put this on pause as I had started a new job at Bath Rugby PLC working with disengaged children from education through the medium of rugby. In 2012, I started my own business called Roaring Rugby Ltd coaching rugby and other sports through values into schools.

In 2015, my calling to be a Reader had never gone away and in God’s timing and not mine, I asked Richard for support and completed my third year of training this time through the Benefice of Badminton.

Since my licensing in 2016, I have been leading services in many of our parishes regularly each month and supported Richard in establishing ‘Sporty Church’. Outside the benefice, in the wider Diocese and beyond I am leading an innovative programme called Project Touchline which enhances Christian distinctiveness and the living out of Christian values through sport in primary schools.