Vicar's Letter August 2017

Dear Friends, 

I expect many of you are away on holiday this month and if you are, I wish you a very happy and relaxing holiday.

Holiday is of course closely related to ‘holy day’, indeed the only holidays that our forebears enjoyed were those days that fell on Major Saints or Red Letter Days.

As such, there is a close connection in the name given to these delicious days of rest.  Thank goodness we do not call them vacation days! As ‘holy’ days, we reflect that a day/week/fortnight away from ‘the office’, be our office a London skyscraper or the kitchen, it is vital to get a break away in order to re-charge the batteries.

No job or work is so perfect that it does not have its irritations and limitations. Not even retirement. Which is a job in its own right these days. We all need to get away, to have that ‘change of air’.

So, please if you are welcoming holidaymakers to Gloucestershire, or are yourself taking a well-earned break, remember what a special and happy thing it is, even if it rains, or you get the flu, or have to be with in-laws you find challenging. It is all something different, and that is a great blessing. It does not have to be perfect it just needs to be a rest from the treadmill. And we all need that.

With my very best wishes,


Rev. Richard Thomson, Vicar

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