The Badminton Benefice

Vicar's Letter November 2017

Dear Friends, 

It is interesting how things ebb and flow in parish life. In one part of the benefice, an imaginative Remembrance Festival is about to happen, and in another a new choir is beginning.

The Festival of Remembrance, will be a wonderful, dramatic and thoughtful presentation on the theme of Remembering the Fallen  (Hawkesbury 7pm 11th November).

The new choir sang at the Harvest Festival with admirable courage.  It is wonderful to see people coming together to sing in church.  I love to welcome anything that enhances our worship and draws others in, to share in our joy in the Lord. David sang in the Old Testament and the pages of the Bible are full of songs and of people coming together to sing to the Lord’s praise.

I would love to see those who are learning instruments, presenting a musical offering in church.  The congregation I am sure would appreciate it.

Worship is not a concert, it is a time when we come together to offer praise to God. It does not have to be perfect. It is a service of the community and an offering to God.

And as long as the PCC are supportive, I will be happy to accept whatever you bring.

With my best wishes,


Rev. Richard Thomson, Vicar

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