The Badminton Benefice

Vicar's Letter June 2017

Dear Friends,

People often say that the church should not meddle in politics and I for one, am very happy to keep out. However, the Church should sometimes ask awkward questions, as must journalists, artists and others who work with a pallet or pen.

The Church is rooted in Scripture, and there were many prophets who spoke out in those days, and it often cost them dearly.  Prophets are often those with a vision who can see the injustice of a certain policy or action, and speak out. Prophets are often castigated. But asking the question is always important.

The Bible prompts such questions:

I was reading Deuteronomy 10.9 yesterday, where the people of Israel are taught:

‘Love ye therefore the stranger, for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt’.

And I wondered just how good are we at ‘loving the stranger’, with immigration being such an issue. How do we say ‘no, thank you, we don’t have room, but I will show that I care about you’?

Do we support our government when on behalf of us, it is trying to do the right thing with immigrants? And do we challenge it to help more, when it’s not?

We should all raise questions from time to time, but most especially when we understand a subject well. That is at heart what a democracy is about, the freedom of speech.

With my very best wishes,


Rev. Richard Thomson, Vicar

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