The Badminton Benefice

Vicar's Letter March 2017

Dear Friends, 

We have come to that time of year when we prepare for Easter; the season of Lent.  Many of us try to give something up for Lent and fail. Sometimes if we are very strong we succeed. Of course it depends how difficult the challenge is.  This year I want to suggest a new approach. Instead of giving something up my suggestion is that we take something up.

I would like to suggest that each day during Lent you light a candle and say a prayer for those in your family or friends or someone you know.  Just one or two minutes thinking of a few people and praying for them.  The action of lighting the candle gives focus and intentionality to the prayer.  You might also say the Lord's prayer at the end, to help bring your thoughts together before the Lord.

Lent begins on March 1 and continues through till Good Friday 14 April. If you manage to do this for even a third of the days, you will have created a new pathway for conversation with God.

With my very best wishes,


Rev. Richard Thomson, Vicar

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